Stay in Fushimi - Enjoy Sake and History

Town, Fushimi that it was Monzen-cho of Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine of the head temple of a Buddhist sect of Inari Shrine, and prospered as a castle town of the Fushimi Castle for Tensho era Era. The earth brought up by famous clear water is famous as a production center of the national outstanding famous sake.

It is easy to have access to a signature stone, the sightseeing spot of the various places throughout Kyoto, and "Maison Fushimi" is most suitable for the base of the trip.
From 2 days and 1 night to a long-term stay, please use it to the plan of all of you.



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A Gion festival is held.


Kyoto Gozan fire is done.


The Arashiyama Momiji festival will be held.

2017.11 second Sunday

The shrine festival is held at the Gokonomiya Shrine.


Fushimi sake festival will be held.

  2017.11 good day